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Seminars for bookkeepers


NO " Elite Club of corporate behaviour " has carried out seminars for bookkeepers of members of Club NP " Elite Club of corporate behaviour " in June, 27-28, 2002 has carried out the next seminars for bookkeepers of members of Club " Changes and additions in a part II of the tax code of the Russian Federation: (the Federal law ? 57-FL from 29.05.02) " in World trade centre.

Representatives of the enterprises of members of Club participated in a seminar:

  1. Open Society " UGMK ",
  2. OGUP" Uralagrosnabcomplect ",
  3. Open Society " Mihalum ",
  4. Open Company " TC " Uralhimreaktiv ",
  5. Open Society " Factory of chemical reactants ",
  6. Open Society " Ural aluminium factory ",
  7. Open Company " Ural - Avstro-Invest ",
  8. Open Society " Ekaterinburg factory OTSM ",
  9. Open Society " Kamensk - Ural metal works ".

In total about 30 person.

Seminars under the taxation will be carried out at participation educational-information Regional tax inspection, as lecturers leading experts of Management of the Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection of the Russian Federation on Sverdlovsk area act.

At a seminar the following themes were considered:

  1. Chapter 25 FL the Russian Federation - the Tax to profit of the organization.
  2. Chapter 21 FL the Russian Federation - the value-added Tax.
  3. Chapter 24 FL the Russian Federation - the Uniform social tax.

Director of NO "Elite Club of corporate behaviour" Ahmetshin R.G. and project head on informational and educational activity - Matjushina O.V have opened a seminar. The seminars spent by Club, pass in World trade centre behind a round table that promotes informal dialogue with lecturers, operative reception of answers to questions of students of seminars and creates a good, friendly atmosphere.

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